The IRP fulfills its mission through:

  1. Supporting the strategic planning process and tracking with accurate data and metrics, and data trends and modeling
  2. Supporting the institutional operational planning that cascades from the Strategic Plan
  3. Providing tools to track achievements in operational and strategic planning
  4. Developing analytics that include
    1. forecasting and planning tools
    2. producing institutional KPIs
  5. Providing oversight of institutional information, assessment, and data resources to ensure integrity, accuracy, usability and compliance with international best practices and standards
  6. Anticipating information needs and developing innovative resources and visualizations
  7. Responding to external reporting mandates
  8. Survey research that independently assesses student experiences across the institution and educational outcomes, as well as graduate experiences and reputation
  9. Provide reporting and visualization tools for internal and external constituents
  10. Documenting university data and statistics for historical, evidence and continuity purposes
  11. Maintaining University’s Organizational Structures