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Biography of President

Dr. Issa Alansari, President, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University- Al Khobar, KSA

Biography of PresidentWith an exceptional academic and public career, Dr. Al Ansari specializes mainly in youth development, education, training and local and global youth issues. His most notable career highlights are being the Founding President of a pioneering university in KSA, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU). This institution is known mostly for building youth capabilities through a learner-centered philosophy. PMU is today one of the most prominent higher education institutions in KSA, and PMU graduates are highly sought after by major international employers in the region, thanks to the reputation they have acquired in leadership, communication, critical thinking skills, and global exposure. His other most recognized achievements have served the wider youth communities. He has lead community efforts through numerous programs and activities in the field, revolving around youth issues and youth empowerment and resulting in remarkable employment and entrepreneurial ventures.

Dr. Al Ansari has authored articles, research papers and studies that served as basis for major projects in KSA such as youth training and employment programs, youth councils, projects incubators, youth rehabilitation programs, youth innovation and scientific distinction prizes, volunteerism and creativity competitions and summer programs. He is also the author of books entitled “From Education to Work: Youth Training and Employment”, and “How to Understand the World, A Quest for a Better Life”.

Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Issa Bin Hassan AlAnsari