Award-winning book (Command Culture)
Award-winning book (Command Culture)
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Dr. Joerg managed to broker two additional translations in two different languages of his award-winning book ‘Command Culture: Officer Education in the U.S. Army and the German Armed Forces, 1901-1940, and the Consequences for World War II’. In 2020 ‘Command Culture’ will appear in a Korean as well as a Chinese translation. The book is currently under review for translations into Spanish and Portuguese.

Three years ago ‘Command Culture’ was already published in Japan with outstanding success. Subsequently, Dr. Joerg was invited to speak at the two Japanese military academies and a World War I seminar at the prestigious Kyoto University. The pictures show Dr. Joerg at his lecture at the National Institute for Defense Studies, the highest ranking school for professional military education in Japan.

‘Command Culture’ received the Distinguished Writing Award of the Army Historical Association in 2011. The book has been required reading for all intermediate officer ranks and all senior enlisted men of the United States Marine Corps for years. This decision was reaffirmed by three consecutive Commandants of the Marine Corps.