Student Council Elections - Results (Female Campus)
Student Council Elections - Results (Female Campus)
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Student Council 2017/18 Elections

Under the supervision of the Deanship of Student Affairs, the Department of Campus Life organized the Student Council Elections including campaign, Debate and voting; all happened in a very democratic atmosphere.
As a result, Student May Almahfuz (“Glam Team” ) was elected president and got 291 voices out of a total of 549 (53%); followed by student Nouf Almuqbel (“Aspire Team”)
A general assembly and a Passing the Torch Ceremony between Previous and New Elected Student Council will take place soon, and will be announced shortly.
The Department of Campus Life would like to acknowledge the efforts of all the candidates who showed a high level of professionalism, teamwork and leadership skills. Moreover, a special thank goes to all the Faculty who took part in interviewing the candidates and evaluating the Debate.

Candidates Votes
May Almahfuz 291
Nouf Almuqbel 258
Total Votes 549