Chess Club News: first Challenge Faculty v/s Students
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Under the supervision of the Deanship of Student Affairs, the Chess Club at PMU organized the first Challenge Faculty v/s Students on Thursday March-8, 2018
The student team was composed of:

  • Sakhr Al Shujah 
  • Umar Malik
  • Ayman Al Sahfy
  • Sultan Orri

The Faculty team was composed of:

  • Instructor Robert Lowman
  • Instructor Klaus Michelsen
  • Instructor Jimmy Shannon
  • Instructor Joseph Harrison

Each team member played against his counterpart and the result was added to the final score which ended tied at (2-2).
Other challenges and games will be reorganized soon; if you like to take part in any of them or improve your Chess skills, please refer to student Umar Malik at: 0569324256 or Instructor Robert Lowman (Office F-112).
Good job the Chess Club!
The following pictures were taken by the Media Department and the Campus Life staff: