Back to School Blood Donation Campaign
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Under the supervision of Student Affairs, the Department of Health Care & Counseling, in coordination with King Faisal Specialist Hospital, launched a back to school Blood Donation Campaign last Sunday, 5th of February 2017 in the male campus. A team of 4 members comprised of doctor and nurses came to support this campaign. “Give Blood Give Life Share Love” was the theme of this campaign. Donors lined up from 10 am till 3 pm to donate to this noble cause. A total of 71 donors signed up out of which 56 healthy donors were selected. Others didn’t qualify due to low hemoglobin or because they were on medication and had a fever. The Blood Donation Campaign served as part of the university continuous effort to assist the larger community of the Eastern Province in replenishing the stock levels and help the sick. Blood donation not only saves other people's lives, but being a blood donor gives us

  • An opportunity for our own health checkups,
  • Decreases our risk for heart diseases
  • Burns calories,
  • Reduces cancer risk and
  • Provides the satisfaction that we save lives.

The PMU nurses noted that the response to the blood donation campaign was great and encouraging, resulting in no significant problems. Moreover, the Department of Student Affairs along with the Health Care & Counseling Department thanked the effort of King Faisal Specialist  Hospital for aiding PMU in this campaign.