International Culture Day at PMU
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By Christopher Stillson

International Culture Day at PMU

The recent International Culture Day, organized by the Public Relations Department and Student Affairs, was one of the most successful events ever held on the PMU campus. The first of May celebration earned wide and enthusiastic support from students, faculty and staff who proudly displayed the dances, clothing, books, pictures, music and sports of their home country. Brightly decorated booths showcased the history, traditions and culture of each of the countries represented. Without a doubt, however, the food that was served at nearly every one of the twenty booths was the highlight of the day.

The event presented the culture of Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, France, Italy, Poland, Germany, Spain, Australia, Turkey, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, , Lebanon, Morocco, Tunis, Yemen, UK, US and Canada. These countries represent over two billion people of differing beliefs and traditions, histories and identities. The kind of cross-cultural respect and understanding evident at the event is indispensable to all nations striving to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development. And, perhaps more important than economic growth, cultural diversity foments a more fulfilling intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual life.

The celebrations of the day provided participants with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the vibrancy and values of every culture and underscored PMU’s commitment to advancing cultural diversity and inclusivity. The joy and camaraderie exhibited by all participants was conspicuous throughout the day. Bridging the gap between cultures is essential for peace, stability and development; this event was a meaningful step toward that goal.