Lawyering Profession in KSA: Challenges & Future
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Under the supervision of the Deanship of Student Affairs and the Department of Law at PMU, the Law club at PMU organized an informative lecture about the Law profession titled " Lawyering Profession in KSA: Challenges & Future", presented by Mr. Bander Shamal Al Dossary (Saudi Lawyer).

In his presentation, Mr. Bander talked about

  • The Law profession Chronology and its development in SA
  • The Law profession challenges and privileges
  • The Future of Law profession in SA

Furthermore, the floor was open for student questions then followed by an interesting discussion about Law topic related such as training, specialization and post graduate studies.
PMU future lawyers earned unique value from Mr. Bander’s presence on Campus and this lecture enhanced their knowledge in the field of LAW profession and its expectations.