Best Paper Award from International Conference on Advanced Material - South Korea
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Best Paper Award from International Conference on Advanced Material - South Korea 

PMU would like to congratulate Dr. Alaa Salman (Department of Civil Engineering - College of Engineering) for winning the Best Paper Award from International Conference on Advanced Material, Structure and Mechanical Engineering 2017 (ICAMSE 2017), which was organized by Incheon National University -Seoul, South Korea  (May 19-21/2017).
His paper (Performance Index for Rehabilitating Water Distribution Networks) was selected of the top of 150 research papers from 17 countries.
This paper was a part of a research, which was funded by PMU within the second cycle research, under the supervision of PMU management which supported his research and his trip to Seoul - South Korea.
This is a video link about the Award ceremony:

Abstract of his research:

Large volume of rehabilitation projects is necessary to improve infrastructure performance. To prioritize water network rehabilitation activities and distribute budget efficiently, reliability and criticality assessments (RCA) are crucial. The research presented in his paper aims at developing a performance index (PI) that considers the combination of RCA for water networks. Sound techniques are utilized to develop the PI, such as reliability theory, simple multi-attribute rating technique (SMART), and Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). Four sub-networks are selected from a network to represent four types of land use; undeveloped, residential, park, and commercial/industrial. Results show that the PI value is 0.72, 0.93, 0.87, and 0.76 for the above types of land use, respectively. The developed models and tools are expected to be beneficial to municipal engineers and managers as well as to academics.