SPE - Aramco e-Mentoring program
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17 female and male students from different Eng. Departments at PMU were selected to be enrolled in the 2017 SPE YP&SO eMentoring Program at Aramco.
The program was launched in February where mentees met with their mentors, learnt about the eMentoring program goals and objectives then visited the Aramco Upstream Development center.
Most of PMU students were highly acknowledged by their mentors for their outstanding commitment and contribution to the success of the program. Their dedication and perseverance as an SPE mentee were evident and highly appreciated. Moreover, a quite impressive feedback was received from the mentors, as most of PMU students kept on seeking technical and academic knowledge that will surely reflect greatly on their future career.
At the end of the program, all the mentees received certificates of participation while few others received a job offer to work at Aramco.