P.E. II Wellness Sportivity Day at PMU
P.E. II Wellness Sportivity Day at PMU
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Under the supervision of the Deanship of Student Affairs and with the support of the Department of Campus Life, the PE II students organized recently the Semestrial PMU Wellness Sportivity Day

More than 30 sport and fun activities were offered to all PMU students by PE II students leaded and supervised by Dr. Jay Mcknight; moreover Health, strength exercises and Fitness related activities were organized by the Sport Center and the Department of Health at PMU.

In line with the theme of the day, the Isocial Club organized an open discussion about smoking and its serious effects.
The day ended by a Smoke Free Run organized by the Running Club.

Student Abdullah Al Sufayan won the race, followed by student Issa Saleh, then instructor Yemad Mabrouk from the Core Program and Instructor Jamal Isaac from the Prep Program. This event was organized in collaboration with the Core Program at PMU and with the support of PMU United Club, Isocial Club, Volunteers Club, Motor Club, Media Club, Fitness Vigorous Squad. The Department of Campus Life would like to acknowledge the efforts of the Security & Safety staff and the Department of Health at PMU for their support during the run.
The following pictures were taken by the Department of Media at PMU and  the Media Club team.