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Deanship of Research

The funds for PMU sponsored research projects will be disbursed in four quarterly installments. The awardee will provide the PMU DGSR Accounting all the invoices of expenditures incurred during the past quarter period before funds for the next quarter be released. Along their grant application, the applicant should submit a detail proposal indicating the nature and scope of research, methodology to be used, justification of expenses, and a time-table (see Appendix I) for the FRC review. PMU will award several research grants to qualified faculties to conduct original research. However, when the actual grant money is released to the concerned awardees, PMU must monitor the use of funds on a timely basis. The DGSR will monitor the faculty research progress in the following manner:

  1. Initially, once a Faculty Research grant is awarded, three months from the original date of notification of an award, the concerned faculty must present a short seminar explaining the objective, literature review, any theoretical implication of this research, research design, and source data collection (field work and lab experiments). At this time he would submit a progress summary or a copy of his presentation document to the Head of the Centre. Failing to do so, faculty will not receive any further installments of his grant. The faculty research committee (FRC) will evaluate the proposal and the Head of Research Development Center will approve the research proposal with suggestions if there any to continue further work.

  2. The concerned faculty should begin his/her research work immediately after the first seminar, so that by the end of sixth month he should be ready to present his data and tentative results. In another short seminar, the faculty will present his research data and its possible interpretations. Again failing to do so will interrupt the disbursement of further grant installments. Under any circumstances, faculty would not receive more than half of the grant by the end of six months. The FRC will terminate the grant if satisfactory progress is not documented by the end of six months.  

  3. At the end of the ninth month, the faculty will submit a written first draft of his research paper reporting the objective, literature review, data and methods, and findings or results and a conclusion. At this point he will consult the Head of the Center to finalize a date for final presentation of his research findings to a larger group of faculty, and students in an open-to-public seminar.