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Day-to-day Operation: The main responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the PMU Press is the responsibility of the Director who will seek the assistance of the Press advisory Board.

PMU Press Advisory Board:

Mission of the PMU Press Advisory Board

The Mission of the PMU Press Advisory Board is to provide support to the press in achieving its strategic goals in providing quality publications and translations

Purpose of the Press Advisory Board

The following purposes lead the board mission:
  • Assisting the University Press in building and sustaining strong partnership with various national, regional and international translation and publication entities, university presses and organizations.  
  • Identifying local, national, and international knowledgeable book authors and writers who can advance the productivity of the Press and its strategic goals.
  • Enlightening the University Press of the new publishing trends
  • Sharing expert knowledge in developing and evaluating the initiatives of the University Press
  • Recommending strategies and actions that brand the identity and profile of the University Press
  • Assisting in advancing the University Press outreach initiatives, suggesting research projects and plans the results of which generate research monographs that can be funded by the Press
  • Assisting in enhancing the publicity and marketability of the University press products 


Meetings of the University Press Advisory Board will be held four times a year.

Annual Report

The director of the PMU Press prepares a yearly action plan and an annual report that specify the accomplishments of the PMU Press.