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Financial Aid Application


Biographical Information


Academic Information


Information of Father/Guardian


Information of Mother(Optional)


Information on Applicant's Work(if any)


Information on Applicant's Spouse(if Married)

I certify that the answers to the foregoing questions and the statements on the previous pages were completed by me and are, to the best of my knowledge, true, and complete.

(I understand that any misrepresentations or material omission made on this form may invalidate this application and cancel any aid awarded to me at any time). I also authorize investigation of all statements contained herein.

Any missing or false information in the application will jeopardize the applicant's financial aid status.

The application will also be considered incomplete if the applicant and/or parents refuse to provide any document requested by the Office of Financial Aid.

Documents Required

  • High School Transcript of Grades. (Required)
    (Current PMU students applying for financial aid for the first time can submit only PMU transcript of grades)  
  • Employment Records (Optional)
    Recent Employment Certificate(s) for job(s) held by each earning member of the family clearly stating occupation, job title, years of service, and benefits (e.g. educational benefits, accommodation, etc.).
  • Recent certificate showing annual tuition fees and receipt of fees for each dependent child enrolled at school or university. (Required)
  • Family Civil Status Record (issues within the previous 3 months) (Optional)
  • Any additional document that would support the application for financial aid (e.g. medical reports and recent medical/hospital bills, certificate of job termination or end of service, etc…) (Optional)
  • PMU acceptance notice including ID number. (Optional)