Why Executive MBA Program

The PMU Executive MBA program is an MBA program designed for working professionals. These professionals have significant work experience after the undergraduate degree and will come from diverse educational backgrounds. The program is a significant part of the PMU’s mission to provide connections with and services to the surrounding business community in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

As it makes this vision a reality, the PMU Executive MBA program normally enrolled about 70% non-business undergraduate majors. All participants will have advanced to a point in their careers where an understanding of business concepts is essential to job performance and career advancement.

The program is structured so that participants can complete the program in two years while maintaining their full time professional work responsibilities. All participants in the program will be full time employees of organizations or will be self-employed in their own, established businesses.

The PMU Executive MBA program is a general management program. It will not present in-depth coverage of any of the traditional functional business areas. The goal of the program is to create the general understanding of business required of a general manager.