Esam Adel Halawani, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
College of Business Administration
Business Administration
Phone: +966-13-849-8533

I am a researcher with both academic and industrial background. Academically, I have a BA degree in Industrial systems Engineering (K.F.U.P.M, 1999), an MBA (2009) and a PhD (2014) in Strategic Management (The university of Sheffield-UK). I also work as one of the University of Sheffield’s ambassadors to the GCC. I have a strong track record working in the logistics and supply chain operations management for Saudi distributors and their multinational partners. I am interested in understanding the process by which Saudi distributors come to realize competitive advantage when partnering with multinational companies. By doing so, I would reveal or rather enable distributors to strategically plan their future utilizing their partnership with their multinational counter-parts to improve those competences which allow them to compete regionally and internationally.