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PMU Service Vehicles Policy
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To explain the procedures related to using the University service vehicles.


The University provides service vehicles to the different Departments according to the following rules and procedures:

1.     If any Department needs a service vehicle, then a special request form is to be submitted to the Director of the Auxiliary Department for approval.

2.     If a service vehicle is not available, then the Director of Auxiliary Department is to submit a request to the University President for approval to buy or rent a vehicle.

3.     Service Cars should stay on Campus after working hours. The request for an exception should be through a request form that should be submitted to the Director of Auxiliary Department.

4.     PMU Logo and assigned numbers should be pasted on all University service vehicles and should not be removed.

5.     Users of the University Service Vehicle should use the vehicle with care.

6.     If any damage happens to the vehicle due to a traffic accident and not officially documented by the traffic police or due to misuse of the car, then the user of the car will be fully responsible for any costs.