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University Vehicle Policy
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University Vehicle Policy
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To declare the rules for providing the University Senior Administrators with university vehicles.


The University provides vehicles to some of its Senior Administrators according to the following rules:

1.      Senior Administrators eligible for receiving University vehicles are Deans and Directors. Nonacademic Deans will be treated as Directors.

2.      The University vehicle received will be used for a period of 4 years.

3.      The value of the cars provided to the Senior Administrators should not exceed 160,000 SAR.

4.      Any vehicles provided either by buying or renting must be according to the recommendation of the Director of the Auxiliary Department and the approval of the University President.

5.      The Senior Administrator receiving the car will be responsible for paying all the maintenance costs unless the University decides otherwise.

6.      After 4 years the user of the car will be given the priority to buy the car if he is interested. The Disposal Committee will suggest the price of the car and then gets the approval of the University President. The University may offer the car to the user free of charge.

7.      The University under takes the costs of insurance of the car.

8.      If the Senior Administrator resigns after 2 years of receiving the car, then he can apply to buy the car according to the stated procedures.

9.      Senior Administrators using University vehicle will not receive transportation allowances.