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Weeding Policy
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Weeding Policy
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VII. A-19
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To ensure the Library collection is current and that limited shelving space is not used for obsolete materials or materials that are no longer relevant to the PMU curriculum.


The vitality of the Library collection depends on vigorous collection development as well as careful collection management.  The judicious weeding of materials serves to maximize the usefulness of the Library collection by providing space for new acquisitions, removing outdated materials and materials that no longer support the instructional mission of the University.


The Library will use the following criteria for weeding books from the collection:

  • Last date of circulation: ­if the material has not been in general use during the past three to five years (depending on the type of material).
  • Physical condition: If the condition is badly worn or excessively dirty, the item may be weeded, and a decision concerning replacement should be made.
  • Timeliness : Examples include:
    • Out - of - date materials, particularly in the sciences and technology. A rule of thumb is to consider anything more than three to five years of age
    • Materials no longer in demand, or that no longer support the curriculum or current University needs
    • Older editions of works that have been superseded by a newer edition
    • Dated textbooks.

Reliability: Viewpoints change and must be reflected in the collection.

  • Duplicates: ­ If there are duplicate copies and none seem to be circulating or used, a single copy may be all that is needed. At a later date (one to two years) the single copy should be considered for weeding.
  • Reference works will be given special consideration with regards to timeliness and reliability since access to current reference information is critical.


The Library will use the following criteria for weeding periodicals from the collection:

  • The preferred format for retention of periodicals should be in the following order: electronic and print.
  • Depending on the nature of periodical only the current 3 years in print format should be retained. If the periodical is also available in electronic format, then only one year of the print version will be retained.
  • The volumes/issues of periodicals that are received weekly, bi-weekly, and popular magazines should be automatically withdrawn from the collection on the expiration of their retention period. However, heavily used periodicals (Nature, Science, Time, Newsweek, etc.) should be acquired in electronic format.
  • If multiple copies of a periodical are received in the library without an electronic version available, at least one copy should be retained for 3 years and the remaining copies should be weeded.
  • Non-English (excluding Arabic) periodicals and those which have no academic or research value should immediately be weeded from the library collection.
  • Loose issues of incomplete runs of periodicals should be weeded from the collection.
  • Print periodicals available in electronic format should be discarded with the consent of the concerned academic department(s).
  • Newspapers will be retained for three months. Newspapers older than three months will be discarded or recycled.