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Student Assistant Policy
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Student Assistant Policy
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VII. A-18
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To provide guidelines for student workers in the Main and the Female Library.


PMU gives full support to its student employees by giving them just and equitable benefits and considers them a valuable part of the University’s workforce.

Thus, the PMU University Libraries expect the following of its student assistants:


Students must report for duty promptly to prevent work disruption. Students must notify their supervisor if they are going to be absent or late.


Students should be meticulous and consistent when performing their assignments.


After training, students should perform their duties and responsibilities in a self-directed manner.


Students must be well-mannered and polite when interacting with the public and their co-workers.


Students will demonstrate respect to library patrons and their co-workers.


Students will be responsible and accountable for their work.

Office Behavior

Students will conduct themselves in a professional manner. They should avoid idle conversation and using the telephone (or mobile) for personal matters.

Work Schedules:

A student assistant's work schedule is set by the supervisor based on the schedules and needs of the department and the student's preferences and class schedule.

Attendance and Punctuality:

Student assistants are expected to arrive at work on time and to remain for the duration of their shift.  The supervisor should be notified in advance if you are going to absent or late.
Student assistants must record the actual time when arriving and leaving work.
Falsifying a timesheet is ground for dismissal. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a Student Assistant:

Student Assistants in the library receive the experience of working in a real world work environment by providing support to the full-time library staff.  They assist in the smooth operation of the library by:

  • Using Symphony, the library management system, to circulate/renew materials to library users.
  • Assisting library users to use the libraries’ resources e.g. Online Catalogue, Self-Check Station and Electronic Resources.
  • Sorting and shelving books according to the Library of Congress Classification system.
  • Returning periodicals and other materials to shelves, files, or other designated storage areas.
  • Assisting library users to find books, periodicals, and other library materials.
  • Monitoring the library security system in coordination with the full-time library staff.
  • Performing other duties as assigned by their supervisor