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Safety and Security Policy
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Safety and Security Policy
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VII. A-16
Learning Resources Center
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To explain the security environment of the Library, and explain the role of the Library’s Security and Safety Committee.


The supervisory responsibilities of the Library staff are outlined in “general security policies”. Emergency response procedures are summarized, and reporting procedures for safety and security incidents are briefly described. A list of prohibited behaviors is also provided, to establish a record of the Library’s regulations for users.

The LRC is housed in Building 9 and 13 which also contains the Human Resources, the EMBA Program and meeting-rooms that are provisioned for the use of faculty and staff from both the Male and Female Campus. As such, the PMU Library Safety and Security Policies can only be applied in the Main Library and Female Library, where PMU Librarians have supervisory authority.
The Library will identify and minimize safety and security risks through the inspections conducted by the LRC-Library Safety and Security Committee. The Library staff has been trained to report any safety concerns or emergencies that may occur.
A Librarian will always remain at the Reference Desk to provide security supervision, and to direct the evacuation of the Library in the event of an emergency.

All incidents will be recorded using the Incident Report Form. 

Behaviors which are damaging to the Library’s resources, facilities, and services are prohibited—such behaviors include vandalism, disruptive behavior, smoking inside the Library, and eating and drinking inside the Library.

LRC/Library Safety and Security Committee:

  • Monitors the environment of the LRC/Library for safety and security threats
  • Conducts a risk-assessment of the LRC/Library, and reports identified risks to the PMU Security Department and Engineering Department
  • Briefs library staff, and coordinates training on fire, emergency, and evacuation procedures

General Security Policies:

  • The opening and closing of the LRC/Library is coordinated with the Security Department, to ensure that nobody gains unsupervised access to the Library’s collection and facilities—PMU Librarians are not responsible for the LRC/Library building if it is opened-up for an event or meeting in the absence of Library staff.   The Security Department retains the authority of opening and closing the LRC/Library, and will have supervisory authority of the LRC/Library in the absence of Library staff.
  • A librarian must always remain at the Reference Desk, to ensure the safety of Library users and the security of the Library’s collection.
  • Library staff must know the location of all fire-extinguishers, and must be prepared to direct the evacuation of the LRC/Library in an emergency.
  • All safety and security incidents must be reported/recorded using the “Incident Report Sheet”.

Response Procedures:

Library staff will know the location of all fire-alarms, extinguishers, and emergency exits. Detailed response procedures will be provided for Fire and Medical Emergencies.

Emergency Exits:

Emergency Exits will not be blocked or chained-shut.

Extinguishers and Alarms:

The Library will coordinate with the PMU Safety Department to ensure that all extinguishers and alarms are in working-order. 


The following behaviors are prohibited in the PMU Library because they are damaging to the Library’s resources, facilities and services.


Any person who willfully mutilates, defaces, tears, writes upon, or mars any Library material(s) or facility will lose all Library privileges and may be subject to administrative action by the University.

Disruptive Behavior:

Users must respect the rights of other’s to use the Library’s facilities and resources.  Any behavior which is deemed disruptive to other’s use of the Library will result in the user being asked to leave the Library by a Librarian or PMU Security.  Repeated disruptive behavior will result in the loss of Library privileges.


Eating and drinking is prohibited in the Library except in the designated staff areas.


The Library is a no-smoking environment.