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Reference Policy
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Reference Policy
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VII. A-15
Learning Resources Center
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To establish guidelines for the provision of the reference service, and describe the basic principles of Reference.


The Library’s Reference service will be available to the PMU Community during the Library’s hours of operation. This service will be provided at the Reference Desk and is also available via Email. The reference librarian will facilitate the access and use of the Library’s resources in print and electronic formats.

Reference Desk:

Library staff will remain stationed at the Reference Desk during all hours of operation.          


Reference questions can be sent via Email. The PMU Library’s website provides a dedicated Email address for this service.

Reference Appointment:

Any member of the PMU community may request an appointment for Reference instruction in which a librarian will provide in-depth guidance and assistance.

Basic Principles of Reference Service:

  • Encourage Library users to describe and analyze their research interests and information needs.
  • Facilitate the access and use of the Library’s resources by employing the online-catalog and electronic databases, actively involving the library user in the search process.
  • Direct the user towards the selection of reliable and authoritative resource; encourage the use of multiple resources, taking full advantage of the Library’s collection.