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Inter-Library Loan/Document Supply Policy
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Inter-Library Loan/Document Supply Policy
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VII. A-10
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To cooperate with several national and international libraries to supply requested inter-library loan materials.


The policy establishes guidelines for the use and provision of the Universities and Agencies service and will act as a template for additional Inter-Library Loan programs which may be added in the future. In addition, the PMU Library currently has a depository account with the British Document Supply Centre and can provide access to articles through service.

Who may request:

Any PMU faculty, staff, post graduate and currently enrolled student in good standing are eligible to request materials through the inter-library loan service.

Borrowing Limitations:

The number of ILL requests allowed per user category per Academic Year is as follows:

  User Maximum # of Requests/Academic Year
Faculty 30
Graduate Student 25

What can be requested?

  • Books chapters, reports, conference proceedings.
  • Photocopies of specific journal articles, reports and conference proceeding, etc.

Generally, lending libraries will not supply:

  • Entire issue or volume of a journal
  • Reference books
  • Rare books
  • Theses and dissertations

Materials which cannot be requested:

  • Materials owned by the PMU Library
  • Materials owned by the PMU Library that are checked-out

Initiating an ILL Request:

  • It is mandatory for patrons to carefully check the PMU Library Online Catalog   (http://lrc.pmu.edu.sa/onlinelibrarya.asp) for availability of the item before submitting the request. In case of doubt they may contact the Reference for assistance.
  • Users are required to submit their request(s) on the prescribed ILL  form available online at the PMU Library Website (http://lrc.pmu.edu.sa/ill)
  • The patron should provide the necessary details about the requested item. Missing or incorrect information may cause unnecessary delays in fulfilling the request. In some cases, the lending library or institution may levy a “searching charge” for incomplete or incorrect information.


Copyright law and ILL codes govern the copying and use of certain materials. Copyright provisions     may affect the number of articles that can be borrowed from a journal title.  ILL materials may not be used for any purpose other than “private study” and research. Photocopying or reproducing for purposes other than private use or fair use is considered copyright infringement.


  • Due dates and conditions of the loan are determined by the lending institution. The Library will abide by any conditions set by the lending institution.

Renewal requests must be made seven days before the item is due. Users are required to return material on time.