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Information Literacy and Instruction Policy
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Information Literacy and Instruction Policy
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VII. A-9
Learning Resources Center
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To strengthen students’ ability to find, evaluate, and use information.


Information Literacy is defined by the American Library Association as being the set of abilities which will allow an individual to, “—recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information.”1

The Library provides Information Literacy instruction at a classroom level and also on an individual basis. Librarians will provide a “foundational” level of instruction to every PMU student in the form of a basic orientation to the Library’s resources and services.
The PMU Library will coordinate with faculty to provide “curriculum-tailored” instruction that supports research assignments.

Basic Principles:

  1. Library instruction will always be learner-centered, and will focus on the student’s use of Library resources.
  2. Library instruction will address the specific needs of an assignment.
  3. Students will be encouraged to ask questions and will be offered follow-up individualized instruction.


Faculty are required to schedule class visits to the Library at least one week in advance.
Faculties are encouraged to meet with a Librarian prior to the class visit to discuss research topics and to inform the librarian if emphasis should be given to a particular mode of instruction.

Individual Instruction:

The Librarian will provide individual Information Literacy instruction to students, staff and faculty as the opportunity presents.  
Subject Guides:The Librarian presents the Library’s resources and materials in specific or interdisciplinary subject areas.