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Gift & Exchange Policy
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Gift & Exchange Policy
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VII. A-8
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To explain the Library’s selection criteria for donated materials as possible additions to the Library collection and to articulate the constraints concerning the exchange of PMU official publications with other libraries and institutions.


Materials coming through gift and exchange will include all forms of print and non-print materials. Gifts will be encouraged with the understanding that the library reserves the right to accept, reject or dispose of any gift at its discretion. Gifts and exchanges will be evaluated for possible addition to the library collections according to the guidelines for selection outlined in this policy.

The Library will accept gift materials on the following conditions:

  • The gift item is in good physical condition and has not been exposed to mold, mildew or any other harmful materials.
  • The Library is under no obligation to add the gift to the collection. Once the gift has been donated to the library, it becomes the property of the Library. Based on the needs of the, University we cannot promise that it will be added to the library collection.
  • The Library is under no obligation to return a gift to the donor if the gift is not added to the library collection.
  • If the Library decides to add the gift to the collection, we are not under any specific timeline to have books catalogued and on the shelves.
  • If the donated materials need to be shipped, the donor is fully responsible for the funding and transportation to PMU LRC/Library.
  • The PMU LRC/Library cannot accept the following:
    • Textbooks
    •  Magazines
    •  Materials that do not contribute to the overall mission of the University
    •  Non-commercially produced videotapes
    •  Unauthorized audio recordings.

Acknowledgement of the gift will be provided to the donor via a letter from the LRC Director. A bookplate with the donor’s name will be placed on the donated materials.


The PMU Libraries exchange program operates on a barter system by trading PMU official publications for the publications of other universities and institutions within the Kingdom. This is an excellent method of acquiring publications for free to enhance PMU Library collections.

Throughout the academic year, PMU publications will be collected and stored in the Technical Services room. Twice a year, the LRC Director will email a list of publications being offered by PMU Library throughout the Kingdom. The Library will pack and ship the materials to those institutions wishing to exchange publications with PMU. The costs for the packing and shipping of PMU publications will come from the Library postage and shipping budget. PMU Libraries will not pay for the shipping of publications being sent to PMU by other libraries and institutions.

All correspondence concerning PMU publication exchanges will be made under the authority of the Director of the LRC & Libraries.