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Collection Development Policy
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Collection Development Policy
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VII. A-4
Learning Resources Center
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To describe the selection process by which new materials will be added to or de-selected from the collection.


The Library will build and maintain a collection of print, online, serial, and electronic and media resources to serve current, future teaching and research needs of Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University. The Collection Development policy encompasses the acquisition of library materials in all formats. The collection development guidelines address collection building, de-selection or the weeding and withdrawal of library materials, and donations and gifts.

Librarians will work in partnership with faculty in the selection of library materials. All faculty are strongly urged to participate in the materials selection process. In addition, students and staff are permitted to make selections that enhance the Library collection and address the research needs of the University curriculum.

Core Collection

Selection Criteria: Criteria taken into consideration when selecting materials include: 
  • Relevance to the PMU curriculum
  • Relationship to current holdings and strength of materials in designated subject areas
  • Scope, content, authoritativeness and currency of the work
  • Research value to students, faculty and staff
  • Anticipated level of usage by PMU community and the Library interlibrary loan service
  • Price of materials

Acquisition: To build a Core Collection, the Library will generally purchase two copies of each title: one for the Main Library and one for the Female Library.   One copy will be purchased for subject disciplines that are exclusive to the academic programs of male or female students. Once a solid core collection is established, the Library will purchase one copy of each title. The Library will purchase multiple copies of certain titles for which there is a strong demand or a valid request from the Faculty and/or Administration.

De-selection: De-selection or weeding is the ongoing evaluation of the Library collection with the goal of removing those items which are no longer useful to the collection or have been superseded by other materials. The decision to deselect or weed materials is based on the following criteria:
  • Obsolescence
  • Superseded editions
  • Availability of materials in more cost effective formats
  • Lack of relevance to the PMU curriculum
  • Prohibitive costs of continued subscriptions -
  • Infrequency of use
  • Space constraints


Gifts are accepted with the understanding that there are no conditions attached to their disposition.  The evaluation of gift materials shall be consistent with the criteria applied to the Collection Development policy.  Potentials donors will be presented with a copy of the Library’s official Gift Policy. The Library will not make personal appraisals of gifts and donated materials. The LRC Director will send an acknowledgement to the donor thanking him/her for their gift or donation to the Library.
(Please see Gift & Exchange Policy)


General Binding Policy: The Library will occasionally bind materials for the Library’s permanent collection. Materials that are determined by the LRC Director to be of value to the permanent collection will be sent to a commercial binder or conservator. The Library will not bind personal copies of books for faculty, staff or students.

Periodicals Collection

Selection Criteria: The following criteria are considered when adding new titles to the Periodical Collection.  A title must meet several of the criteria, but not all.
  • Recommendations for new periodicals will be considered from faculty and staff. Those who request new periodical titles should seek approval from their Dean or Dept. Chairman before submitting their recommendations to the Library.
  • A critique of the Periodical title must be available from an authoritative source.
  • The Periodical title should support the curriculum
  • There should be coverage of the periodical title by indexing and abstracting services
  • Availability of the periodical title in current online database subscriptions. The Library will not acquire print subscriptions for a title that is subscribed to online and exists in full text.

De-selection: The decision to deselect or weed materials is based on the following criteria:
  • Print periodicals which exist in an online format will be discarded. Depending on the content and scope of the periodical title, only the previous 1 or 2 years will be retained.
  • The Library may at times seek a suitable recipient for materials that have been weeded from the collection
Newspapers will not be retained as a permanent part of the Library’s Collection. In general, newspapers will be discarded after three months. Special issues or specific articles will be retained permanently for the Library vertical file and/or University repository.
(Please see Weeding Policy)