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To describe the hours of operation for the Main Library and the Female Library and which govern access and use of the Library’s facilities and resources.


The Library will keep regular operating hours, including evening hours, to provide the PMU community with consistent access to library resources and services.  Regular operating hours, including evening hours, may be suddenly disrupted due to emergency weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances. (i.e. power outages, disruption of water supply, lack of staff, etc.) Emergency changes to regular operating hours will be left to the discretion of the Library Director.

Evening hours will be maintained during an academic semester whenever possible, given the availability of Library staff and the limitations of PMU Transportation.
The PMU community—students, faculty and staff—will always receive priority access to the Library, although visitors are welcome.

Regular Semester Hours:  


           PMU Main Library :  8 AM - 8 PM (Sunday – Wednesday)
             : 8 AM – 6 PM (Thursday)
PMU Female Library :  8 AM - 6 PM (Sunday – Wednesday)
             : 8 AM - 4 PM (Thursday)

Inter-Semester Hours:    

Both Libraries                    : 8 AM - 4 PM     (Sunday – Thursday)

Summer Semester Hours:     

Both Libraries                    : 8 AM - 4 PM     (Sunday – Thursday)   

The following policy statements govern access and use of the Library’s facilities and resources.  

Visitor Access:        Visitors are granted access provided they show a picture ID and register at the Reference Desk. All children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent at all times. 
Computer Usage: Computers in the Library are for use by PMU students, faculty, and staff. Visitors may use the computers for limited periods of time as long as no PMU students, faculty, or staff need to use them.
Events: Requests for events to be held within the Library should be directed to the LRC Director's office.
Personal Items:  The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen property.  The Library should not be used to store personal belongings. 
Lost and Found:     The Library will keep lost and found items for one week before turning them over to the appropriate authority per PMU Policy.
Photography:  Individuals who wish to film or photograph within the Library must obtain permission from the LRC Director's office. 
Solicitation: Display of posters, distribution of literature, or solicitation are prohibited except in designated areas and with permission of the LRC Director.
Eating/Drinking: Eating and drinking is prohibited in the LRC except in the designated staff areas.
Smoking:   The LRC is a non-smoking environment.