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Internal Grant Proposal Review, Endorsement and Pre-Approval
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Internal Grant Proposal Review, Endorsement and Pre-Approval
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V. 8
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The purpose of the Internal Grant Proposal Review, Endorsement, and Pre-Approval policy and procedures is to ensure that an optimal review, endorsement and pre-approval are ascertained for all internal grant proposals. Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU) recognizes the importance of active research community, thus PMU encourages its faculty and students to apply for internal funding for their proposed research, programs and projects.


Internal grant is the internal funding administered by the University (PMU) to support its faculty and students in their research effort. In addition to external funding, PMU deems it necessary to further enhance research output through internal funding schemes to promote and strengthen research.

The University (PMU) is attuned to the fact that a strong research community will enhance creativity and career aspirations of their faculty, and strategically position the University (PMU) for recognition within the broader global academic environment. Hence external funding may not always be viable or sufficient for ongoing research, programs and projects, this policy will supplement and encourage continuous research effort.

Therefore, the University (PMU) establishes a policy to provide internal funding for certain proposed research, programs and projects within budgetary constraints. This policy will enable the University (PMU) to encourage its faculty and students to be active in pursuing meaningful research, and most importantly, it highlights the commitment by the University (PMU) to maintain an active research community.

Similarly, the policy will enable the University (PMU) to meet research requirements by accreditation agencies, and other governmental oversight agencies.

The University (PMU) recognizes the extent of this commitment, and has therefore identified and defined the process of reviewing grant proposals, necessary endorsements and pre-approval in the policy content section.

Policy Content

The University (PMU) in regards to internal grant funding has identified specific procedural steps for achieving optimal decision making and minimizing delays in grant approval process. The following sequential events are necessary to optimize the approval process:

  1. A grant proposal is to be initiated by the potential recipient of the grant
  2. The research topic or question(s) must meet the requirements of the University (PMU) in terms of the potential of the proposed research and its incidental contribution to the local community and the society at large.
  3. The research proposal must satisfy all conditions set by the University (PMU). At some intervals, the University (PMU) might have a specific strategic research orientation; therefore, applicants for internal funding should maintain an interactive mode with the Deanship of Research Development for direction.
  4. Endorsements from department chairs or the dean of the college may be needed for the pre-approval of the research proposal.
  5. Pre-approval does not constitute a final approval and funding, therefore pre-approved proposals may need some adjustments, and the final approval contingent upon availability of funds and viability of the projects.


Internally funding research proposals accrues benefit to all the stakeholders within the academic environment and beyond. Potential benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  1. It will encourage students to apply for internal grants to carry on their final year thesis or projects
  2. It will encourage the faculty to actively pursue their research aspirations without assuming significant financial burdens.
  3. It will encourage external parties to collaborate with PMU faculty. Such collaboration may yield learning new skills or expertise from the external collaborators.
  4. It will demonstrate to external sponsors that the University (PMU) is committed to research and may serve as source of encouragement for potential sponsors to fund research, programs and projects.
  5. It will increase the overall output of research, programs and projects of the University (PMU), and therefore enhance the overall reputation of the University (PMU).


The implementation of internal grant proposal review, endorsement and pre-approval policy is facilitated through the office of the Deanship of Research Development and PMU Management. The following steps are necessary for effective implementation.

  1. Timely public announcement of availability of Internal grants, along with accompanying conditions
  2. The Deanship of Research Development collects all proposals
  3. Verify the endorsements and assess the suitability of the proposal
  4. The Deanship of Research Development along with any designated committee will gauge the feasibility and potential of the proposed research proposal.
  5. Pre-approval will be communicated to the applicant on a timely manner to facilitate further processing
  6. Pre-approval will be communicated to all concern parties (such as designated committees, concern University officers, and the endorsers).
  7. The pre-approval will provide direction regarding any modifications, timeline and any other conditions needed for a full submission, for final approval
  8. Pre-approval process will ensure that conflict of interest and or any other violations are address appropriately and on a timely manner
  9. Endorsers will elaborate on the reasons for endorsing the proposed research for internal funding
  10. The applicant may be required to elaborate on the reason for lack of endorsement. However, applicants are still encouraged to submit an application in the absence of endorsement.
  11. A system to monitor all applications and pre-approvals with appropriate signatures will be maintained.
  12. A system of maintaining records and reporting of all applications for internal grants, and pre-approvals will be maintained.


The Deanship of Research Development has a role of collecting all initial applications for internal grants. The Deanship will review the applications, endorsements, in conjunction with all other conditions. A designated committee may be assigned a responsibility to review and verify certain elements of the proposed research. Other senior academic officers may also contribute at this initial stage of the proposal.


The Deanship of Research Development is responsible for all research related issues of the University (PMU).

Any other designated committee by the President or the Vice President could be established for overseeing the pre-approval stage.                 


Establishing and implementing internal grant review, endorsements and pre-approval policy required a sequence of events as follows:

  1. Establishing a policy related to internal grant review, endorsements, and pre-approval
  2. An efficient and effective mechanism for soliciting and collecting internal grant proposal
  3. Systematic evaluation procedures, for timely feedback to the applicants
  4. Careful deliberation on the merits of the proposal, cost and the potential benefit of the research
  5. Aligning the research proposal with the overall research objective of the University (PMU)
  6. Obtaining required signatures or approval for pre-approval
  7. Timely communication with the applicants

A system of reporting all pre-approvals to designated committees and other concerns