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PMU Bookstore Policy
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VII. A-20
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This policy governs the operation of the University Bookstore and the services it provides.



Textbooks shall be adopted through the process established by the respective college.  Textbooks, which are adopted by the college, shall be used by all students registered in the course.

Procedure :

1.    Purchase of Textbooks

1.1    The bookstore will prepare a list of all textbook titles and quantity currently in stock and forward it to all colleges on the first week of March every year (March 1-5).

1.2    The college will be requested to review the list and indicate which textbooks titles and edition (old/latest) will be required for courses for the academic year within two weeks (March 7-18) from receiving the inventory sheet. 

                                         Figure 1Textbook Requisition Form

1.3    The bookstore will order the textbooks for all colleges within a week (March 21-25) through Oracle that have been specified by the Dean/Chairs with the requested quantity sufficient to bring the inventory up to a level, to meet forecasted needs.

1.4    The purchasing department will request quotations from the publisher for 4 weeks (March 28-April 22) and prepare the Purchase Order for 1 week (April 25 - 30). 

1.5    Once the invoice is receive from the publisher, the LRC will prepare the Request for Payment immediately and send it to the finance department.

1.6    The finance department will process the payment in 1 week and send the validated bank transactions to the publishers.

1.7    The publisher will deliver the textbooks within a month on receiving the 50% payment.

1.8    The warehouse will receive the textbooks delivery accordingly with the Bookstore as per the delivery term normally 6 to 8 weeks from the publishers.

1.9    The bookstore will request the textbooks needed for the semester through ORACLE to the warehouse.

1.10          The warehouse will deliver the textbooks to both male and female campus on the request of the bookstore.

1.11          If a textbook delayed in shipment, the Bookstore rise a request to the purchasing department to order a digital copy of each textbook title from the publisher.

2.    Issuing of Textbooks

2.1  The college must update the textbook coupon every semester with IT before the student starts requesting books in the Banner Workflow System.

2.2  The HR department will provide additional temporary staff to the bookstore for 6 weeks to help in preparation and releasing of textbooks to all students.

2.3  Students will submit the textbook request through the Banner workflow system.  After completing the required information, student will receive a notification that the bookstore has received the request. 

                                Figure 2 Textbook Request through Banner Workflow System

2.4  The bookstore staff will pull the textbooks from the shelf, package them and process the order within a day depending on the number of requests.

2.5  The textbooks will be issued to the student based on the request from the Banner.  The student will know if the order is ready when they will receive a second notification from the bookstore with the date and time to collect the textbooks. Unclaimed textbook orders will be returned to stock. After 2 months, the student is no longer entitled to claim his/her textbooks.

The schedule for releasing of textbooks must base on the request from the Banner :


Date of Request

Date of Preparation 

 Date of  Releasing

















2.6  Textbook returns must be accompanied by the original dated receipt (after 3 days) and ID card copy.  Textbooks must be returned in the same condition as when purchased.  Returns are not available for electronic books that have scratched-off and revealed access codes.

3.    Issued & Received Textbooks Report | Physical Inventory Count | Textbook Disposal

3.1  The Bookstore will generate reports on the received textbooks and issued textbooks through BMS with MIS teams and submit them to the financial department.

3.2  A physical inventory count is perform by the bookstore during the fiscal year (month of July) in coordination with the Finance department. 

3.3  The bookstore should identify obsolete, damaged, or worn out textbooks and submit the inventory to the College Dean/Chairs.

3.4  The Dean and Chairs are obliged to review/check the textbook list to identify the nonmoving and old edition textbooks.

3.5  The nonmoving and old edition textbooks, verified by the Deans and Chairs of each college, will now be included in the report for disposal to be made by the bookstore staff.

3.6  The Bookstore in coordination with the Warehouse shall notify the university of the disposal dates.

3.7  The following measures may be recommended to the Disposal Committee:

  • Shredding, tearing, or cutting – textbooks should not be disposed as a whole; shredded or cut paper may be sold to a paper mill for recycling
  • Donation may be made to schools or to the community who have  reading programs  that may wish to utilize old textbooks as reference materials and instructional aids.