Section : Academic Affairs  
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Policy Title
Enrolment Policy
Prep and Undergraduate Admission Policy
Graduate Admission Policy
Admission Criteria for Transfer Students
Student Registration Policy
Changes in Student Status Policy
Academic Calendar Policy
Students’ Academic Load Policy
Grading System Policy
Meeting Degree Requirements: Academic Performance and Standing Policy
Schedule of Classes: Scheduling Guidelines Policy
Schedule of Classes: Scheduling Process Policy
Attendance Policy
Student Records Policy
Final and Common Examinations Policy
Submitting the Final Grade Rosters Policy
Change of Grade Policy
Graduation Policy
University Awards Policy
Letters and Attestations Issued by the Registrar Policy
Official Transcript Policy
Guidelines for Early Registration Policy
Required GPA Policy
Internship Guidelines Policy
Class Dismissal Policy
Assessment Policy
Academic Degree Proposal Policy
College Space Allocation Policy
Laboratory Equipment Requirements Policy
Laboratory Equipment Upgrades Policy
Laboratory Maintenance Requirements Policy
Laboratory Materials and Supplies Requirements Policy
Laboratory Space Requirements Policy
Academic Courses Policy
Faculty Workload/Overload Policy
Academic Advising Policy
Preparatory Program English Language Teaching Policy
Student Conference Attendance Policy
Student Research Policy
Establishment and Operation of International Academic Collaborative Programs Policy
Transfer Student Admission and Credit Transfer Policy and Process
Graduation Temporary Verification Policy
Study Abroad Program Policy
Course Overload Policy
Graduating Student Policy
Dual Degree Policy
Double Major Policy
Pre-requisite Policy
Request for a Duplicate Original Degree Award Policy
Admission of New Students Policy
Student Eligibility Criteria to attend Graduation Ceremony
Grade Submission Policy for Internship during the semester
Senior Design Teaching Policy for COE & CCES
Students Projects and Entrepreneurial Ideas Policy
50% Graduate Fellowship Policy
Preparatory Program Instructor Course Assignment Policy
Timing for Offering Courses Policy
PMU Scholarships Policy
Corporate Partial Scholarship Policy
Graduate Programs Tuition Policy
Oversight of Quality of Teaching and Learning Policy