Section : Human Resources  
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Policy Title
Authorization for Recruitment to Proceed Policy
The Recruitment Process
Local Recruitment Policy
Faculty Qualification Requirements Policy
The Interview Policy
Offers of Employment Policy
Employment Contact and Employment Date Policy
Designated Airport Policy
Procedure for New Employee Policy
Orientation Policy
Probationary Period (Staff Employees Only) Policy
Contract Renewal and Contract Terms Policy
Salary Administration Policy
Position Classification System Policy
Faculty Responsibilities and Expectations Policy
Salary Range and Method of Payment Policy
Annual Performance Review and Salary Increase Policy
Promotion Policy
Faculty Promotion Policy
Demotion Policy
Reclassification of Staff Positions Policy
Acting Position Policy
Overload Stipends for Faculty Policy
Faculty Teaching Overload Policy
Faculty Consulting and Outside Employment Policy
Eligible Dependents Policy
Change in Personal Circumstances Policy
Housing Policy
Transportation Policy
Excess Baggage Allowance Policy
Education Allowance Policy
Ticketing Benefits Policy
Passports, Visas and Iqama Policy
Ticket Cash Payment Policy
End of Service Benefits Policy
Attendance Policy
Time Attendance Policy
Annual Leave Policy
Holiday Policy
Compassionate / Bereavement Leave Policy
Sick Leave Policy
Other Leaves with Pay Policy
Personal Leave with Pay Policy
Administrative Staff Professional Development Leave Policy
Training & Development Policy
Annual Performance Review Policy
Faculty Development Policy
Professional Development Leave Policy
Faculty Conference Attendance Policy
Summer Compensation Policy
Faculty Dependents & Spouse PMU Educational Policy
Staff Self-Development by Attending University Educational Policy
Probationary Period Policy
Resignation Policy
Medical Discharge Policy
Death Policy
Dismissal for Cause Policy
Termination with Pay Policy
Entitlements on Leaving Policy
Letter of No Objection Policy
Code of Conduct Policy
Reporting Suspected Violations and Disciplinary Action Policy
Responsibilities Policy
Health Policy
Safety Issues Policy
Informal Grievance Policy
Grievance Levels of Communication Policy
The Progressive Disciplinary Model Policy
Suspension Policy
Dismissal Policy
General Disclaimer Policy
Relocation Allowance (Visa Processing)
Exit Visa Single and Multiple
Faculty Teaching Load Policy
Annual Vacation Faculty Bookings & Travel Tickets
Allowances to Employees Policy
University Car/Transportation Allowance Policy
Faculty Family Visit Ticket Policy
Roles of Concerned Departments Related to Faculty Affairs Policy
Employment, training, responsibilities and evaluation of University Bus Drivers
Lab & Studio Instructor & Lab Technician Professional Development Policy
Summer Compensation Policy for Deans & Other Academic Administrators
Annual Evaluation of Senior Administrators Performance Policy
Faculty Contracts Types Policy
Business Cards Policy
Senior Staff Dependants & Spouse PMU Educational Policy
PMU Employees Pursuing Studies at PMU
Medical Insurance Policy
Leave Carry Over Policy
Exit Interview Policy
Visiting Researcher Appointment Policy
Employees Financial loans to Acquire a Housing Property Policy
Stipend for Academic Position Policy
Summer Registration Policy
Faculty Ranks Upon Appointment Policy
Job Training Pre-Placement Policy