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Students Housing


We provide quality housing facilities and services to ensure a living environment that enables students to thrive both personally and academically. The housing for female students is the same standard and location as the housing for our faculty members but students will enjoy their own designated elevator.

Inside of every residence, a piece of home lies in every detail, from the air conditioning to the kitchens and comfortable living rooms, we aim to provide a comfortable environment at all times.

Social life at PMU residences is rich and active. Residents have the chance to meet, interact, and socialize with fellow residents or other university members. They also have the opportunity to participate in a number of activities and it is through the activities that students are enabled to interact and socialize in an atmosphere that so closely resembles home.


Housing Features

Recreation Area which consists of;

  1. Basketball Court
  2. Tennis Court 
  3. Volleyball Court
  4. Gym
  5. Running Track
  6. Cafeteria beside Swimming Pool and Fountain
  7. Swimming Pool (ongoing)
  8. Seating Area and Plaza (future project)
  9. Kids Play Ground (future project)
  10. Mini Market (future project)

Female Student Housing Rules and Regulations

  • The student should have a record of good conduct.
  • A student is permitted to receive visitors in her accommodation unit according to the following regulations:
    1. Visitors are not allowed to stay overnight in the student room under any circumstances. However, guest rooms are available can be booked in advance through Accommodation Dept.
    2. Deposit will be specified in the application and must be paid prior to moving in.  This deposit will be refunded to the student assuming there was no damage to the housing unit/s.
  • In the event of a student being Discontinued from the College and fails to complete the clearance procedures from the College; her room will be evacuated, in her absence of all her belongings and whatever official documents are found therein will be sent to the Safety and Security Department of College. The Accommodation Department will not bear any responsibility for the student's personal belongings nor will it provide compensation.

Student's Rights and Responsibilities

  • The resident student must adhere to the rules and regulations of the College and the internal directives of the Accommodation Department personnel and staff.
  • The resident student must adhere to proper behavior with her colleagues, Accommodation Department employees and staff inside the Student Accommodation. It is not permissible for her to engage in any action or behavior deemed as being inappropriate.
  • The resident student is responsible for her personal belongings and she is not permitted to leave any valuables in her room once he leaves the accommodation unit.
  • The resident student must adhere to the following:
  • Maintain the neatness and orderliness of her room.
  • Refrain from tampering with accommodation unit property and appliances.
  • Abstain from hanging pictures, drawings, or insignias on the walls, doors or windows of the accommodation buildings no matter what the rationale for doing so may be, unless prior approval from the unit supervisor or Accommodation administration is obtained.
  • Adhere to the rules regarding proper use of water and electricity.
  • Wear appropriate clothing when walking around the accommodation units. For more information on what is appropriate, see below for the female dress code.
  • Deference to quietness and not disturbing other residents.
  • No person under the age of 15 years old is allowed in the accommodation unit unless accompanied by his/her guardian. PMU is not liable or responsible for them.
  • Animals will be allowed only after approval from the Accommodation Department.  Students must complete the pet application, pay the additional deposit as well as get written consent from the other students that are living in the same accommodation unit. 
  • Refrain from doing any action which may violates the Student Accommodation regulations or may lead to public property breach. Anyone doing so is subject to the disciplinary action stipulated in the Student Disciplinary Handbook.
  • A resident student is prohibited from any actions or behaviors which are not consistent with the Islamic customs and values and the rules and regulations of the College. Specifically, a resident student is prohibited from the following:
    1. Possessing or storing any type of weapon.
    2. Abusing any type of intoxicant, narcotic or smoking.
    3. Using any type of burner or candles inside of the rooms or in any of the facilities of the Student Accommodation.
    4. Using fireworks or cooking appliances or anything which may cause a fire in the accommodation.
    5. Bringing unauthorized electrical appliances without coordinating with Student Accommodation Department employees.
    6. Possessing any tools or materials such as books, magazines and/or pictures which contravene proper morals and customs and are illegal.
    7. Inviting an outside visitor to the accommodation unit who is none of the permitted visitors under article twelve of the Student Handbook.
    8. Publishing any material without obtaining the prior approval of the College Deputy for Student Affairs or the person delegated by him.
    9. Obstructing authorized programs and activities inside of the accommodation unit.
    10. Improper use of photography equipment and mobile phones cameras.
    11. Any action or behavior contrary to proper character and behavior which must be adhered to.
    12. Improper use of the college's computers and /or network.

Female Attire

  • All female community members are expected to observe the cultural norms of the society.
  • Clothing should be modest and should not draw attention to aspects of the body.
  • Clothing can include slacks, pant suits and skirts, which are conservative in design.
  • Tops should not allow cleavage or upper arms to be seen.
  • Extreme visible body piercing is not allowed.
  • Wearing exaggerated jewelry is discouraged
  • Footwear can be both comfortable and fashionable but in keeping with a university professional environment.

Housing Fees for Academic Year 2020-2021

Type of Room Per Semester Per Academic Year
Studio apartment
Single occupancy with a private bath SR 17,000/semester SR 34,000/academic year
Private room
Single occupancy with a private bath SR 15,000/semesterSR 30,0000/academic year
Semi-private room
Single occupancy with a shared bath SR 9000/semester SR 18,000/academic year
Sharing room
Double occupancy with a shared bath SR 6350/semester SR 12,700/academic year

Guest Housing

Guest housing is also available upon request. We offer 1 bedroom or 3 bedroom units for your Parents and we will arrange transportation to/from King Fahd International Airport free of charge. Accommodation for your Parents is free for one night.

Floor Plan

Students Housing
Students Housing

Contact Us

To register and for more information, please send us email at with your PMU ID Number and contact information.