nternational Affairs :: PMU, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University

The Department of International Affairs supports PMU strategy in its outreach efforts. International engagement is integral part of the university strategy, and is increasingly essential for the growth of its academic community. Our office strives to support a wide range of international engagement initiatives, expansion projects, and international and regional partnerships that are maintained by the various colleges and departments at PMU.

The Department of International Affairs provides services to students and faculty. We aim to support the university vision of building global leaders and that is only achievable with increased exposure to global education and international activities. Those experiences carry transformative effects on the student personality and enhance the development of the six core competencies that PMU aims to instill in its graduates. The newly introduced Study Abroad Program offers such opportunities to PMU students by introducing them to new educational dimensions and challenges, exposure to new languages and cultures. This builds confidence, promotes global citizenship and increases graduates’ employability.

The international speakers series also brings an international flavor to PMU campus. The Department constantly seeks to support the scholarly activities by reaching out to experts from partner institutions and other international institutions, encouraging shared knowledge and shared experiences for faculty, and role modeling and motivational speeches for students.

We also serve the various PMU colleges and faculty in identifying international opportunities for networking for the benefit of scholarly activities and research. While the colleges and academic departments work on more focused international activities and projects, the Department of International Affairs aims to coordinate those efforts to meet a unified institutional strategy.

With the nature of faculty recruitment carrying mostly an international dimension, the Department of International Affairs also takes international Faculty recruitment in charge, thus supporting the colleges’ growth and research plans.