Current Projects

King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz Program for Studies and Research in International Dispute Resolution

King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz Program for Studies and Research in International Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University is a result of a cooperation between Pepperdine University in California- USA and Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University in Al Khobar, KSA.
This program has been established to advance public knowledge and awareness about international dispute resolution, as well as the interconnectedness of critical issues of mutual interest to both institutions.
The Program aims to:

  • Spread a general and inclusive understanding of the concepts of conflict and disputes, dispute resolution and conflict transformation;
  • Support scientific understanding of conflict and dispute contexts;
  • Support studies and research in the psychology of mediation, as well as innovation in dispute resolution;
  • Promote peaceful resolution and better understanding in conflicting communities;
  • Involve and train youth in international dispute resolution;
  • Promote the focus on youth views in historical and contemporary international disputes.
As part of the Program activities, PMU and Pepperdine organize on March 12 and 13, 2019 The Global Dispute Resolution Conference at the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution on Pepperdine University Campus in Los Angeles (Malibu), and with a wide participation from experts and researchers in the field of International Law and International Dispute resolution. PMU and Pepperdine also emphasize on student participation from both institutions to ensure that the Program builds and trains a generation of international dispute resolution experts capable of developing innovative techniques and methodologies in arbitration for local and international matters.

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Program for Strategic Research and Studies

This long standing partnership has tied the two institutions in multiple academic projects over several years, in the following fields:

  1. Development of Interactive Simulation Learning Objects
    • Connect the UCF Institute of Simulations and Training (IST) and PMU College of Sciences and Human Studies, goal of developing simulation learning objects that enhance PMU students’ learning in natural sciences, mathematics, and social sciences courses
    • Connect UCF College of Sciences and the PMU College of Sciences and Human Studies to identify components and modules from subject areas which could be simulated
  2. Entrepreneurship seminars and workshops
    • Connect PMW with UCF Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.
  3. Development of innovative business ideas
    • Business Leadership Academy: Both UCF and PMU Business schools can work together to establish a leadership academy for the development of management leaders
    • Developing 21st century job skills: UCF-PMU can jointly develop a job-skills oriented program in the form of a short course containing series of workshops.  General Education Program at UCF and Core Program at PMU can participate in this activity
    • Connect PMU Student Support Center for Innovation and Creativity to UCF Incubation Program and Office of Research and Commercialization
  4. Promote Global Learning and Globally Connected Classrooms
    • Connect programs such as UCF Common Reading Program and the PMU Core Curriculum Program
    • Engage students in interactive dialogues promoting peace, tolerance and mutual understanding between the US, KSA
  5. Faculty Professional Development
    • Connect UCF College of Sciences and PMU College of Sciences  and Human Studies
    • UCF Center for Teaching & Learning and PMU Core Curriculum Program, goal of: (1) internationalizing teaching and learning; and, (2) promote excellence, innovation and creativity in teaching, learning and assessment
  6. Student Exchange
    • Connect UCF Global to  PMU bodies to encourage undergraduate student
    • Identify specific colleges for graduate-level student exchange
    • Identify scholarship arrangements to support student exchange
  7. Exchange of Distinguished Scholars and Practitioners
    • Identify colleges to start a scholar exchange program – possibly with UCF College of Science
  8. Research Activities
    • Facilitate the development of collaborative research projects between PMU and UCF, starting with organizing a visit for a PMU research team to UCF
    • Possibility of writing White Papers on research-related matters

PMU and UCF are organizing in January 2019, a Conference on the Impact of the KSA Vision 2030 on Saudi Youth, to discuss opportunities and challenges from an academic point of view and to explore involvement of Saudi and US institutions in achieving the objectives of the vision, while preparing youth and involving them in future leading roles.

Partnership with the Texas International Education Consortium- TIEC

TIEC being PMU partner for over a decade now as academic consultant, had designed PMU system and programs and is continuously reviewing and updating our programs in collaboration with our colleges and faculty.
The Department of Global Engagement is currently finalizing a Prep Immersion Program with TIEC to host a semester study abroad program for prep students. The Program will offer growth opportunities for PMU students and will ensure and number of learning outcomes including:

  1. Gaining an appreciation for cultures different from their own
  2. Seeking to engage in meaningful interactions and relationships with individuals from host culture and from cultures of other students
  3. Gaining a sense of civic and global responsibility
  4. Gaining an understanding of the interconnectedness of economic, political, social global systems in relations to the country where they have a study abroad program
  5. Gaining an understanding of the global significance of each program’s city and country, within the area of the humanities, economy, politics, art, culture and/or design
  6. Gaining knowledge related to their academic discipline or professional aspirations in the context of their study abroad program location
  7. Gaining new perspective on their fields of study
  8. Develop intercultural competencies and communication skills
  9. Learning to engage with situations and questions that challenge their own assumptions and values
  10. Develop the ability to articulate their cultural experience; and learn about and from the environments in which they live and study.

PMU Engagement with Association of Arab Universities

PMU Engagement with Association of Arab Universities

تقرير جائزة جامعة األمير محمد بن فهد ألفضل إنتاج علمي

وباإلشارةإلىاإلنتهاءمن استقبال الترشيحاتالخاصةبالتقدم لجائزة جامعةاألميرمحمد بن فهد ألفضل إنتاج علمي بتاريخ 30/6/2023 وهي جائزة سنوية خصصتها جامعة األمير محمد بن فهد في اململكة العربية السعودية التحاد الجامعات العربية ألفضل انتاج علمي بقيمة 250000 دوالر، وتهدف الجائزة إلى تعزيز دور الجامعات في اإلنتاج العلمي،و التي توزعت إلى ستجوائز .

حيث قامت األمانة العامة التحاد الجامعات العربية بتعميم الجائزة على كافة الجامعات العربية وحثهم للتقدم واملشاركة فيها و ذلك ألهميتها في دعم البحث العلمي علما بأنه قد تقدم للجائزة 650 طلب للترشيح و بعد مراجعة الطلباتاملستوفيةللشروطوالتياستكملت طلبات التقديم .نرفق التقرير الخاص بذلك :

الجائزة األولى : جائزة أفضل إنتاج علمى جامعى فى التقنيةوالتحول الرقمىبقيمة خمسين ألف دوالر

اسم الدولةالعددالترشيحات التي تقدمت
جمهوريةمصر العربية4
مملكة البحرين 1

الجائزة الثانية : جائزة أفضل إنتاج علمى فى الريادة واالبتكار بقيمة خمسين ألف دوالر :

اسم الدولةالعددالترشيحات التي تقدمت
جمهوريةمصر العربية11
اململكة العربية السعودية2

الجائزة الثالثة : جائزة أفضل إنتاج علمى في البحث العلمى بقيمة خمسين ألف دوالر

اسم الدولةالعددالترشيحات التي تقدمت
جمهوريةمصر العربية42
اململكة العربية السعودية 16

الجائزة الرابعة : جائزة أفضل بحث علمي يخدم التنمية املجتمعية في إطار أهداف التنمية املستدامةبقيمة خمسةوعشرون ألف دوالر

اسم الدولةالعددالترشيحات التي تقدمت
جمهوريةمصر العربية25
اململكة العربية السعودية 1
نا مُع ةنطلس1

الجائزة الخامسة : جائزةأفضل مشروع بحثىمشتركبين جامعات عربيةوجامعاتدوليةبقيمة خمسين ألف دوالر
لم يتم تقديم أي طلبمستوف للشروطاملطلوبة
الجائزة السادسة :
جائزةأفضل مشروع تخرج لطالباملرحلةالجامعيةاألولىبقيمة خمسة وعشر ين ألف دوالر

اسم الدولةالعددالترشيحات التي تقدمت
جمهوريةمصر العربية6

-كما أن األمانة العامة التحاد الجامعات العربية بصدد تشكيل اللجان العلمية املتخصصة لتحكيم الجوائز .
- علما بأن مجموع الترشيحات للجوائز الخمسة عددهم 310 ترشيح

األمانة العامة التحاد الجامعات العربية