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The deadline for receipt of the full proposals is on Sunday, August 7, 2022

Cybersecurity Center Research Grant Proposal

Cybersecurity Center at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU) announces the annual cybersecurity research grants. The objective of this grant is to encourage researchers to explore and contribute to cybersecurity-related disciplines. The purpose of research grant proposal is to build long-term research collaborations with cybersecurity researchers. Researchers from all sub-disciplines of cybersecurity are encouraged to apply for the research grant.

Objectives of the proposal grants

  • To encourage scholarly work and research in cybersecurity.
  • To make quality contributions to the development of the KSA and international society.
  • To contribute to the state of the art of the cybersecurity-related topics in diverse fields (e.g., cyber-physical systems, national security, cybersecurity frameworks, threat detection, and threat prevention).
  • To encourage networking, university-industry partnerships and long-term research collaborations with PMU.

Proposal Funding

The maximum allowable grant for each proposal is 5,000 USD. An optional 1000 USD will be granted for a separate conference publication. PMU reserves the right not to award all available funds.

Expected Outcomes

The grant proposal is expected to produce at least one Web of Science (Science Citation Index) journal publication with impact factor (Clarivate Analytics). Scholars are requested to propose names of 2-3 target journals for publication. Preliminary dissemination of results is expected by the beginning of December 2022 while the outcomes should be obvious and convincing after one year from the date of acceptance.

Eligibility of the Applicant

  • Applicant must have a proven track of knowledge in the relevant topics. An application may be submitted by an individual or a group of researchers. Each applicant is recommended to submit the Google Scholar link along with the application.
  • The proposals aim at encouraging networking and quadruple helix partnerships in research.
  • Grantees of previous year’s Grants are eligible only if they have satisfied all requirements (letter of acceptance for publication) and concluded their research.
  • There should be no conflict of interest with other universities, institutes, etc.
  • One applicant cannot be involved in more than one proposal. Advisors with a minor role may be involved in several applications.

Deadline for submission

The deadline for receipt of the full proposals is Sunday, August 7, 2022. Applicants of winning proposals will be notified on or before Wednesday, September 7, 2022.

Eligibility of the Applicant

Proposals are to be submitted in electronic form (Word or Pdf format) and must include the following components:

  • Abstract: Defines the Research Problem. Describe the Relevance and Significance of the issue to be addressed. Choose a significant and attractive title for your research.
  • Scope: Describe the range of areas you wish to address and justification for the choice.
  • Objectives: State-specific, measurable, relevant, and time-bound objectives. Relate the project to theoretical needs and demonstrate their impacts on society.
  • Description of the Proposed Project: How will this project be undertaken? List how it will be creative, scientific, and has a societal impact. Show how the project supports the purpose.
  • Literature Review: Summarize a brief survey of the relevant literature and describe and synthesize the research and literature that support the need for a new study that you are proposing to validate, extrapolate, or to criticize rigorously the previous findings.
  • Methodology: The methodology section should describe how each specific objective will be achieved, with enough detail to enable an independent and informed assessment of the proposal. This section should include a research task, data collection, data analysis, and specific tools that will study each research objective.
  • Budget Details: State the expenses in respect of all cost-per-head, salaries, data collection, books, stationary, communications, computational resources etc.
The proposals must be presented in a sufficiently brief according to the following boundaries:
  • An outline of the proposal that you will submit the research problem, relevance and significance of the research issue, and the impact on society (no more than 600 words).
  • A research synopsis clearly indicating the Research objectives, scope, proposed research methodology, a budget specification and the time frame (no more than 2,000 words).
  • A synopsis of the applicant(s) (no more than 300 words per applicant) as well as administrative/contact data.

Duration, progress and instalments

The duration of the proposal execution is one year, starting from the date of acceptance of the proposal.

  • The funding will be based on 2 instalments (20% and 80% of the total budget), these instalments are subjected to approval from the Director of Cybersecurity Center and are based on the following criteria:
    • After acceptance of the proposal, 20% of the fund can be released after an online 5-10 minute video presentation of the objectives and action plan. This presentation may be kept on PMU website.
    • After submission of the completion report with journal publication/acceptance details, the remaining 80% of the budget shall be released.
  • Please note that “all the papers (conference and journal) should include an acknowledgement for PMU Cybersecurity Center”.
  • In case the project is not completed in six-months, a brief progress report should be submitted to the Director of Cybersecurity Center. Progress reports are brief statements regarding progress made on all proposed research steps. They should mention targeted journals and status of acceptance.

Proposal Review and Approval Process

Proposals that qualify for the pre-screening will be evaluated by the Grants Committee. The following criteria will be adopted to select the best proposals:

  • The relevance of the proposal: The degree to which the proposal addresses present or future cybersecurity issues/applications/requirements. The proposal developing new testbeds and datasets will be given priority.
  • Sustainability: Proposals that indicate sustainable collaboration with PMU involving faculty collaboration will be given priority. Projects aiming at creating research groups will be supported.
  • Objectives: The specificity, measurability, attainability, and time frame.
  • Contribution: How significant are the contributions to the discipline, and the society.
  • Proposer’s Past Scholarship/Expertise: Expertise of the applicants concerning the proposed research.
  • Research Methodology: The degree to which the proposal represents a creative and scientific approach (quantitative or proven qualitative methods) to the accomplishment of objectives.
  • Feasibility: Potential for longer-term sustainability beyond the period of the proposed research.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The budget is complete, realistic, and justifiable.

Submission Method

All correspondence and related documents should be emailed to hhimor@pmu.edu.sa and pcc@pmu.edu.sa
Email subject should be: “2022 Cybersecurity Grant Application-then specify your own details“