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Mission and Vision


The PMU Cybersecurity Center aims to support in making the Saudi government, industry, and residents more resilient to cyber threats and attacks by spreading knowledge and enhancing skills in cybersecurity. It also aims to provide suitable opportunities to foster multidisciplinary research that addresses cybersecurity needs of global community.

Key Objectives

  1. To educate and train the future leaders of cybersecurity in academia, government and industry
  2. To conduct Cybersecurity research in line with KSA Vision 2030
  3. To support undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Cybersecurity
  4. To support university initiatives and projects related to Cybersecurity.
  5. To involve undergraduate students in Cybersecurity research and projects
  6. To support kingdom’s National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) mission
  7. To provide Cybersecurity training that leads to industry recognized certifications