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Cyberthon 1.0 “Capture the Flag” Hackathon

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, Center for Cybersecurity announces for its upcoming competition Cyberthon 1.0 “Capture the Flag” Hackathon

As the Cyber Attacks get more sophisticated and frequent, there is a growing need for adept Cybersecurity Professionals. Cyberthon 1.0 is an exciting Cyber Competition organized by Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University and EC-Council to:

  1. Increase awareness in the undergraduate students of Saudi Universities.
  2. Train the students in hacking techniques in safe and fun-learning environment
  3. Promote PMU cybersecurity center

Date & Time: March 31, 2022 at 9:00 AM
Duration: 4 hours

Team Size: 2 to 5 members

Where: Online on Cyber Range (CyberQ.io)
Prizes: Three winning teams will get SAR 30K, 25K and 20K
Registration Link: https://forms.gle/9xhQgyzNJspgzEKw7

In this competition, you will participate as a team on a live Cyber Range (CyberQ.io) with pre-built challenges and in-built evaluation to score your team efforts as you compete against 100 students across nation to Capture the Flag (CTF). It will be fun learning experience for all the participants.

Key Topics for Hackathon

  1. Footprinting and Reconnaissance
  2. Scanning Networks
  3. Vulnerability Analysis
  4. System Hacking
  5. Hacking Web Applications

The main KSAs that you need to solve the challenges:

  1. Advanced Google Hacking Techniques
  2. Authentication Bypass
  3. Credential Attack
  4. Command Injection
  5. Enumeration
  6. ExploitDB Search
  7. File Upload
  8. Local File Inclusion
  9. Network Analysis
  10. Password Cracking
  11. Pcap Analysis
  12. Privilege Escalation
  13. SMB Enumeration
  14. SMB Password Cracking
  15. SQL Injection
  16. Security Misconfiguration
  17. System Misconfiguration Exploitation
  18. WinRM Bruteforcing
  19. WinRM Password Cracking
  20. Web Exploitation
  21. Wordpress Exploitation