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Director’s Message

Cybersecurity is a common global concern affecting individual users, enterprises, and nations alike. Various industries including financial, healthcare, oil and gas, and retail are incessantly targeted by cybercriminals. The sophistication of cyberattacks is increasing continuously along with the number of attacks. On the contrary, there are not enough well-trained cyber professionals to meet industry demand.

The Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University's Cybersecurity Center was established to support the growth and progression of cybersecurity professionals through the latest curriculum, vibrant industry partnerships, community involvement, and training. The PMU Cybersecurity Center website, in collaboration with its partners, will bring valuable training material and resources that help students in commencing and advancing their careers in Cybersecurity.

In addition to training and awareness programs for students and the general public, the center is also supporting cybersecurity research in core areas such as the security of cyber-physical systems, IoT, and critical infrastructure. The main aim is to involve PMU undergraduate students in strategically important areas.