Center Of Excellence PMU CyberSecurity
Traning and Research
Training and Research Lab
PMU Cybersecurity Center is establishing an advanced state of the art Cyber Security Research and Training Lab that will be interdisciplinary and open to all students and faculty members from all colleges.
The Cyber Security Lab will feature the latest technology and developments in the field of Cyber Security to protect nation and beyond
The lab will enable students and faculties to achieve experimental and practical experience on Information Security Compliance, Security and Privacy, Cryptography, Enterprise Security Architecture, Security of Internet of Things (IOT), Cloud Security and Security of Smart Cities
The Cyber Security training lab can accommodate of up to 20 students simultaneously
Training Domains
Cyber Security Fundamentals
Computer Forensics
Cryptography and Network Security
Application and Data Security with Privacy
Management of Information Security
Cyber Security Capstone
Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Testing
Red Team & Blue Team Building
Cyber Security Risk Management
Offensive and Defensive Cyber Security methods
Cyber Security Operation Center Analyst
Threat Hunting
Research Areas
Industry Complinces
Information Security and Privacy
Enterprise Security Architecture
Defensive & Offensive Security Mechanism
Red Teaming and Blue Team Development
Cyber Security Operations
Securities of Smart devices (IOT)
Cloud & Security of Smart Cities
Sample Student’s Lab Scenario


In this lab we are going to learn about how we can use pre-compiled exploit modules to hack Windows Operating System with Metasploit Faramework

Lab Prerequisites

The Prerequisites in order to perform this lab are:
-Attacker OS- Parrot OS GNU/Linux distribution
-Victim OS –Windows 7
-Tools Required- Icecast 2.01 or earlier version installed in victim machine VMware


In this scenario, the attacker’s location is Bahrain and victim’s location USA. The victim is using Windows OS having Icecast older version which is vulnerable for attack. So, from Bahrain an attacker is trying to get access to the victim’s windows machine using Icecast vulnerability. For this attacker is using Metasloit Framework in Linux OS.


In this lab, imagine that the Windows VM is a machine that you desire to exploit. The Windows user has installed a media streaming server. Icecast, so that he and his co-worker can listen to his music. Unfortunately, the version of Icecast installed is vulnerable to a buffer overflow attack.