Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (MSME...
Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (MSME...
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Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (MSME @ PMU)

PMU announces the launch of its MSME degree program in the spring semester of the Academic year 2018/2019.
The Saudi industry demand for deep technical expertise in mechanical engineering will continue to grow steadily and rapidly for many years to come. The MSME @ PMU is aligned with the Saudi Vision 2030 by producing highly skilled mechanical engineers who will take part in enriching the national economy by fulfilling critical high tech market needs and by creating economic opportunities for the Saudi entrepreneur, the small and medium Saudi enterprises, as well as the Saudi large corporations.

MSME @ PMU graduate curriculum blends cutting edge advanced level classroom instructions and laboratory experiences as well as multi course research and development activities culminating in the production of a thesis or project.

MSME @ PMU requires an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering or a closely related discipline. A student with an undergraduate degree outside of Mechanical Engineering may be required to satisfy an articulation program.
MSME @ PMU will be available with thesis and non-thesis options. Each option requires a minimum of 30 credit hours beyond the bachelor’s degree, including 12 credit hours of required courses. Two tracks are available: thermofluids track and mechanical systems track.
Students on teaching and/or research assistantships and scholarships must take 9 credit hours per semester to satisfy PMU’s requirement for full-time status. Part time working professionals are required to take 6 credit hours per semester. At this rate, the program can be completed in 5 semesters or less. However, students with more time available and with an early start on a thesis, if applicable, can finish the program in 3 semesters. The MSME @ PMU has the following characteristics:
Each entering class will consist of no less than 20 participants.
Women and men students will be enrolled in the program.
Instruction will be in the English language.
Competitive high standards admission criteria that targets full time and part time students.
Thesis option prepares students to possibly pursue a Ph.D. degree program with prestigious US and UK partner universities.
Non-thesis option prepares students for professional careers in research and development in a wide range of world class national and international industry. 
The program will be housed physically and administratively within the college of engineering.
Classroom environment encourages discussions and sharing experiences among the participants.
Face-to-face Courses will be offered on PMU campus in the evenings on a block basis: Monday/Wednesday or Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday.
Interested students will be invited to attend information sessions to be announced in the months of October and November this fall 2018 semester. To learn more about the MSME @ PMU, please contact the Mechanical Engineering Department at PMU.
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