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Sponsored Scholarship Programs

Sponsored Scholarships are provided through partnerships with the surrounding community, usually the business sector. Since the university will provide programs that are relevant to the needs of the business community, such a sponsored scholars program will connect the private sector with talented students who may later become excellent employees. Additionally, a sponsored scholars program is a tangible and meaningful way for successful people to give back to the community.
The selection criteria for this program will be determined by the program’s requirements and any specific restrictions the sponsors may require for their sponsored students.

The recommended eligibility criteria for recipients of sponsored scholarships are:

  • High School Certificate with an average of 90% or above
  • Financial need that would make the PMU otherwise unaffordable
  • Ability to meet all admissions requirements
  • Student must achieve Advanced Level in the addmisson / placement test.
  • Distinguished intellectual and academic performance
  • A record of good conduct
  • High performance on a personal essay
  • Recent graduate of high school (within 3 years)
  • Ability to meet the sponsor’s designated criteria
  • Present proof of a financial need that would make PMU otherwise unaffordable.

The Scholarship Committee will evaluate the applicants and make recommendations to sponsors, who will make the final decision.
Students will be eligible for the sponsored scholarship as long as they remain enrolled at the PMU, maintain a required GPA, and are not guilty of misconduct. Students who falsify their application will be disqualified immediately.