Academic Advising :: PMU, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University


Purpose of the Handbook

The purpose of the PMU Academic Advising handbook is to assist faculty members, administrators, and staff in promoting quality academic advising that goes beyond course selection and registration. The intention is to make available a quick and easy-to-read reference that helps you in providing timely, accurate, and concise information on advising-related issues. Besides, the aim is to guide you through the strictly structured academic programs of PMU while providing an in-depth and research-based practical knowledge on the art of academic advising to ensure a positive, academic experience for students, faculty, and advisors.

As academic advisors, our role is very crucial to the advancement of the university’s academic vision and mission. As a reference tool, the handbook provides you with the necessary information that makes you familiar enough with the curricula in the major field to talk expertly about the diverse options that meet your advisees’ academic abilities and aspired future careers. In addition, it highlights some important, research-based fundamentals in the field of academic advising that PMU aims at achieving.

Noticeably, this guide is not a substitute for the PMU academic catalog. In fact, it highlights the academic advising vision of the university, complements the academic catalog, and keeps you up-to-date on changes in the curriculum and policy procedures that could impact advising and students’ choice of courses.