Humanities Week Announcement - REGISTR TODAY!
Humanities Week Announcement - REGISTR TODAY!
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The Core Department is pleased to announce Humanities Week 2018, with events from March-18 to March-25.
This year’s HWeek is set with six humanities and social sciences competitions, a kickoff ceremony, and concluding awards ceremony. The event is open to all undergraduate students, daytime and evening degree program, on the male campus.

There are six student competitions: Leadership Essay, Dictation, Teamwork competition, Research Paper Poster Presentation, short movie competition and Debate competition.
In addition of the six competitions, the Law department will organize a Moot Court Demonstration
Event winners will receive prizes for their performance..
Finally, we will also crown one overall winner performance

More info about each competition and daily schedule will follow. To find out more, visit Campus Life Department, Office G-062.
To register in the Hweek 2018, please sign up at:
Why not join in? Have fun, compete with your friends, and find out if you have what it takes to win an event or more.” So talk to your Core instructors and Campus Life staff, and get ready.

Join HWeek today!