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College of Engineering Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted in the college of engineering the student needs to fulfill the following college requirements:

  1.  PREP MATH Courses :
    • PRPM 0011: Introductory Algebra
    • PRPM 0022: Pre-Calculus

    A student is allowed to repeat the PREP MATH Courses maximum two times (Total of two repeats for both prep math courses).

  2. Math and Natural Science Courses:
    • MATH 1422 (Calculus I)
    • PHYS 1421 (Physics for Engineers I)
    • CHEM 1421 (Chemistry for Engineers I)

Student must achieve a cumulative GPA of C+ equivalent to 2.5 out of 4.00 in the above mentioned courses.
If a student fails to achieve the above requirements, he/she must change his/her college to any other major in the other colleges except for (Computer Engineering and Computer Science Majors).

Students who fail to meet that College Admission Requirements; their courses may be transferred as per the following chart to the other majors:

College of Engineering These courses can be transferred to College of Business College of Sciences & Human Studies College of Engineering and Computer Sciences
PRPM 0022 Pre-Calculus PRPM 0012 Intermediate Algebra Intermediate Algebra IT: Intermediate Algebra
MATH 1422  Calculus I MATH 1312 Calculus for Students of Busi. No Equivalent  IT: Calculus for Students of Busi.
PHYS 1421 Physics for Engineers I PHYS 1411 Introductory Physics One of the CHEM 1421 or
PHYS 1421 can be  transferred to PHYS 1411 OR CHEM 1411 and then to be considered as natural science elective
IT:  Introductory Physics
CHEM 1421 Chemistry for Engineers I CHEM 1411 Introductory Chemistry IT: Introductory Chemistry

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