Volunteering Forum at Dhahran initiated by PMU students!
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Following the idea and initiative of PMU Student Haitham Al Mubarak* and with the partnership of the Youth Council of the Eastern Province, “Giving Hands” (non-profit Organization) organized a two days Volunteering Forum at Dhahran.
The aim of the forum was to gather all the Community Service Organizations operating in the Eastern Province in order to encourage youth into Volunteering and Charity.
The forum took place on 24-25 February, 2017, attracted more than 2,000 visitors with more than 40 Organizations participating, displaying their achievements and marketing the causes they work for. Moreover, these organizations recruited volunteers for their future campaigns.
During the forum, many workshops were offered to young people eager for charity, Volunteering and Community Service. Moreover, open discussions were shared by experts and professionals.
In addition of One Organization, Media Club covered the event and PMU IEEE Chapter had its own booth where IEEE members displayed some of their academic projects or robots, explained some electric theories and organized games for the visitors and mostly for children.
The Department of Campus Life would like to acknowledge all the efforts consumed by PMU students for this noble event and hope to have a similar event on PMU campus in the nearest future.

The following pictures were taken by the Media Club.

* Mr. Haitham is PMU Representative and member in the Management Team of the Eastern Province Youth Council

أقام فريق أيادي عطاء التطوعي بالشراكة الاستراتيجية مع مجلس شباب المنطقة المنطقة الشرقية ، يومي الجمعه والسبت 24 & 25/2/2017 م ملتقى ومعرض متطوعون .
"فكرة متطوعون هي جمع الجهات التي تخدم المجتمع في مكان واحد ، ويهدف الملتقى إلى المساهمة في دعم وتحفيز روح العطاء لدى الشباب وصقل مواهبهم والعمل على تطويرها ، وتحفيزهم على المشاركة في الأعمال التطوعية للمساهمة في بناء وتطوير المجتمع وتميز الملتقى بإجتماع شريحة كبيرة من الأفراد والشركات الربحية وغير الربحية والفرق التطوعية مع مدربين ومتحدثين لهدف تقديم رسالة نبيلة وهي (التطوع)." - هيثم المبارك، صاحب فكرة الملتقى، عضو وممثل جامعة الأمير محمد بن فهد بمجلس شباب المنطقة الشرقية.