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Is the university leading unit that provides planning and execution of PMU’s strategic plans for achieving academic and institutional accreditation. The Deanship provides service to all academic and administrative units within PMU to achieve accreditation from national and international accreditation agencies. The Deanship leads training programs for our faculty and staff in the areas of accreditation standard and requirement. As a strategic within PMU, The Deanship provides resources to faculty and staff to align the objectives and outcomes with quality assurance criteria.

The Deanship is the focal point of PMU quality improvement activities. It houses all instruments that are employed by all PMU units to achieve academic and institutional quality standards. Whether you are a faculty, a staff or a visitor, PMU Deanship of Quality & Accreditation is a good starting point if your seeking further information on quality within The average numbers of students per class.

Deanship of Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs has grown dramatically to meet the complex needs of students entering PMU today....Read More

Deanship of Quality & Accreditation

The DQA is PMU’s premier office that leads the execution of academic and institutional effectiveness plans. As private institution with global...Read More
Department of Industry & Business Relations

Department of Industry & Business Relations

Due to rapid growth in the industrial economy in Saudi Arabia and the increasing need for strengthening the communication and knowledge exchange between universities and the industry.
Deanship of Faculty Affairs

Deanship of Faculty Affairs

The deanship of faculty affairs prides itself on its high standards in bringing together the learning and training required for placements and leadership.